Ninjago: Episode 87 Review

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Season 9 has started with two beautiful episodes, and a third one to follow quickly after. The episodes will be premiring Monday – Friday, so the whole season will be wrapped up into two more weeks. An account I recommend is Ultra Ninjago’s Twitter page, which is where I get my screenshots now and where the best quality is.

Warning: As always, my reviews are never spoiler free. If you’ve already seen the episode or don’t care about spoilers, read ahead. If not, go watch the episode with the link above!

This episode, in my opinion, was much better than the second. We get more backstory behind the Dragon Keepers/Hunters, and we see Lloyd struggle to find his sense of leadership in this episode. It’s currently my most favorite episode of the season, but it might change as soon as the others one premise next week.


“Hello, Ninjago. It’s me, Lloyd Garmadon, the Green Ninja. Lord Garmadon wants you to be afraid. But I need you to be brave. With the help of Princess Harumi, Lord Garmadon struck a major blow against Ninjago City. But we’re ready to strike back. There is a resistance and we may be small, but we are powerf–p–powerful. I may not have Elemental Power, but I call upon the Power of the People! When we get knocked down, we rise up! Stronger than before! This is our city! And if he thinks he can bully us with stone giants, well, this isn’t the first time our city has faced ruin. Buildings fall, but we rise! And to you, father, I say this: Fighting me may make you feel powerful, but you’re about to see what real power is. The Resistance never quits!

The Resistance storyline was better balanced in this episode. We get a thrill of excitement when the Elemental Masters are trying to invade Garmadon’s tower, and we learn that Skylor can combine powers. It was a little ridiculous when Garmadon didn’t try to reach out into Skylor’s invisibility field, as he said he could sense something was wrong. However, I found the stealth approach entertaining and well done.

Lloyd’s speech is something to really remember in the episode. He inspires the people to rise up and rebellion against the anarchy that Harumi and Garmadon have caused. He tells up his father, which is something he wasn’t willing to before. This speech is a highpoint for Lloyd’s character that the Hageman have written so beautifully for the show.

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His reaction after Harumi replays the video is worth an applaude. It tugs at my heartstrings a little to see him so vulnerable, especially in front of the thousands of people watching him. But the fact that he doesn’t let it drag him down is what really gets me. We see Lloyd grow into this stronger individual who won’t let the past hurt him, into a leader. Even though Lloyd has been featured in many seasons, this one really represents why Lloyd deserves to be the green ninja.

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The Oni storyline was not as strong as the Resistance storyline, but it still carries out its story well in the episode. We get to learn more about how the Realm of the Oni and Dragon works. I especially like the blade that was able to absorb powers; it gives another season where the ninja have to rely on each other to survive.

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The Dragon Hunters, although they seem savage, have a fascinating backstory. The Iron Baron is missing an arm and a leg from the Firstbourne, which is the Mother Dragon to all dragons. We also learn that the Ultra Dragon is dead somehow, killed by the Dragon Hunters. The FSM was also mentioned, Iron Baron quite bitter about him and calling him a coward. This leads to more questions about the realm, which to me is a good balance in the episode. On one side, we get something groundbreaking, and on the other we get mystery.

Overall, this episode is perfect. I can’t really find anything wrong about the episode; LEGO knows where they are heading this season. I give this episode a 9.5/10. This episode, as a whole, is not the best compared to others, but it does its job well.

What do you think about Episode 87? Do you hate that the Ultra Dragon gets a terrible death? Do you like the mystery each episode carries? What is your favorite episode so far? Feel free to comment below your thoughts about the review and episode below!




2 thoughts on “Ninjago: Episode 87 Review

  1. I was legit sobbing at the speech, the music was just….AMAZING, it matched so well. I was just crying of how proud I am of Lloyd 😢👏👏

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