Ninjago: Season 10: Review

You have done so much for Ninjago, if anyone should kneel, it should be I. You faced destruction with dignity and courage and responded creation and courage. There is no greater response.I brought you here to say thank you, for all you have done..Life is balanced. Endings are never really endings, only new beginnings, and … Continue reading Ninjago: Season 10: Review


Ninjago: Season 10 is out!

Alright, I've been gone for a long time. I really wish I had the time, but I just don't. I am sleep deprived and overworked from a huge pile of schoolwork and things I couldn't have expected to overwhelm me this school year. So this post is late- the episode came out yesterday. It looks … Continue reading Ninjago: Season 10 is out!

5 legit reasons why you should watch NINJAGO // collab with cat @ a little bit of runion

hello, friends! it’s abby franklin here with a quick post — and right on time for ninjago’s eighth anniversary today!! 🎉🎉🎉
some of you may know i have a personal blog called when words fly. over the weekend, i published a post about a few reasons why, if you haven’t, you should start watching the show. i hope you enjoy this little explosion of fangirling. happy birthday, ninjago! ☀

When Words Fly

I admit it. I’m obsessed.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I LOVE NINJAGO WITH A FLAMING BURNING PASSION THAT WILL NEVER END. I wish I could hop into their realm and hug EVERYBODY and never let them go and adopt Lloyd so I can protect him from all danger grrr. But this begs the question: why? Why exactly is a show about plastic ninja entertaining, and why has it managed to hold me in its soul-crushing grasp for two and a half years? Will I EVER stop loving this show?? or will i forever be trapped in the fandom???yep

In the spirit of this endless vortex of a fandom, I teamed up with Cat @ A Little Bit of Runion to talk about our favorite fandoms… and why you who are uncultured in them should open up a little and try them out! That’s right, my friends…

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Ninjago: Season 10: Trailer Analysis The teaser and the Legacy episodes came out just a few days ago, but it looks like LEGO wants to give a burst of new information. Here we have the official trailer for Season 10, where it shows more of the ninja and Wu narrating the trailer instead. "Long before had a name the … Continue reading Ninjago: Season 10: Trailer Analysis

Ninjago Season 10: March of the Oni: TEASER Analysis Watch this before you read the post! After five long months, the teaser is finally here. It wasn't much, but still amazing all the same. This means that Season 10 is bound to come soon, most likely in Spring 2019. Finally, we'll be able to see our ninja and what the finale of Season … Continue reading Ninjago Season 10: March of the Oni: TEASER Analysis

The Hageman Brothers are Leaving

It's official. The original writers of Ninjago are moving on. It's been 8 years (for them) at least, and 7 years since we memorized their names on the title screen. "Written by Dan and Kevin Hageman." The people who made us hooked on the first episode we saw and shaped our characters. They came up … Continue reading The Hageman Brothers are Leaving

Season 10 News and A Special?

Since Season 9 premired, people have been curious to what the Hageman and Tommy Andreasen have been working on. This wait didn't last long, as a month later, the SDCC panel on July 24th unveiled LEGO's plans for Ninjago. After Season 9, LEGO has more in store with Season 10, At SDCC this year, LEGO … Continue reading Season 10 News and A Special?

Ninjago: Hunted: Review

*SPOILERS AHEAD, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* The end of the two weeks wraps up the end of Season 9, Hunted, and ultimately the twenty episode story from SoG. This season has done a great job at keeping us on the edge with the Realm of the Oni and Dragon, and Lloyd developing as a … Continue reading Ninjago: Hunted: Review

Ninjago: Episode 90 Review

Episode 90 is the beginning to the second half of Season 9, and it does its job well. To watch this episode, check out check out Ultra Ninjago’s Twitter page, where he is dedicated on posting HD versions of Hunted. Warning: As always, my reviews are never spoiler free. If you’ve already seen the episode or don’t … Continue reading Ninjago: Episode 90 Review